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2021 Reunion - Townsville

2021 Reunion Registration Form is available in the members secure area. If you do not have access to this area please contact the website admin Stu Colhoun

2020 Reunion - Townsville (Update 2) 

(22 June 2020)

Good afternoon AABCA members,

By now hopefully each of you will have learned (through one medium or another) of the necessity to postpone this year’s scheduled reunion in Townsville.  I have been advised by HQ AAB that the arrangements to stage the Granting of the Freedom of Entry to the City of Townsville to the AAB have now been confirmed for the weekend of 8/9 Oct 2021. As it remains our desire to align our weekend with that event, we too will confirm that weekend as the new dates for our Reunion / AGM.

The Townsville organising committee plan for the weekend to be much the same as was planned for this year. The registration process will be much the same as in previous years, but obviously not for some time yet (early to mid 2021).

Please continue to stay safe in these challenging times. As we have seen in Victoria over the past week or so, spikes in COVID are still presenting as and when people don’t heed the social distancing practices.

Take care all,

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM

2020 Reunion - Townsville (Update 1)

(1 June 2020)

Message from the President...
COVID-19 has necessitated community change hitherto not seen by Australia's contemporary generations. Our state and federal funding bodies have worked hard to ensure Australia has remained relatively safe while others in the world have not been so lucky. This has required our government leaders to make some difficult and often unpopular choices on how to exactly combat the virus. The community has sacrificed much also to ensure our safety. The success of these sacrifices can be seen in some recent relaxing of restrictions, but continued vigilance is required if we're to avoid a second wave of infection.

The AABCA reunion committee in Townsville and the CO of the Australian Army Band have reported to the AABCA Committee of Management that all Army ceremonial planning for the Granting of the Freedom of Entry to the Australian Army Band will be postponed until 2021. Also, there remains large scale travel concerns, and the hospitality industry remains constrained and is likely to remain so for months to come.

Given this environment the AABCA committee has taken the position that the 2020 Reunion planned for Townsville in October this year will be postponed to a date in 2021 to be advised. This will be a disappointment to some, and I gather maybe a relief to others who have been wrestling with the decision as to whether they should risk their health to make the trip to Townsville for the reunion. I can assure you that we have not taken this decision lightly, but given the Government’s strong lead and not willing to place any of our members’ health at risk this is the most responsible course of action.

2021’s reunion that was to be held in Wagga Wagga, we’ll now push this to the right 12 months. We will advise the membership at the earliest opportunity what time of the year in 2021 the Townsville Reunion will now be held. Obviously we will still be aiming to align with the ceremonial activities of the AAB and to that end I will be discussing the scheduling with HQ AAB. Our governance processes however cannot be paused, so there will be an ‘on-line’ AGM, more to follow on that.

For now though, continue to stay safe while enjoying the slight relaxing of the restrictions.

Gordon Lambie


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Balcombe Barracks Commemoration Report (Fri 3 May to Sun 5 May 2013)

by Frank Maloney

The Balcombe Barracks Commemoraration was always going to be an ambitious project that first saw the Australian Army Apprentice Association (AAAA) embark upon in 2010 when it turned its attention on the original home of the Army Apprentice School at Balcombe in Victoria. From those who had visited the campsite in recent times there was a feeling that more could be done so that the military significance of the area could be improved and preserved for future generations..

Much has been written about the history of the military area that lies just south of the town of Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula, a premier district of Victoria. Though in most instances it had been done very well but it didn't have a sharp focus on the camp and it's military tenants, that was easily available to the curious. Thus the project known as Balcombe Gates was borne.

The Australian Army Apprentice Association (AAAA) established a sub committee comprising Barry Teal, Geoff Allen and Jack Westernhagen and made contact with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) and the other Associations of the Balcombe units to determine if they were interested in being a part of a heritage project. An enthusiatic reply was received from all. They also approached the 1st Div USMC Association and their prompt response was to despatch their Association Secretary to come to Australia and check it out. The result was the establishment of a working committee mid 2010 chaired by Barry Teal with representatives of the MPSC and the School of Signals, School of Survey, School of Music (SOM) and the AAAA. Good planning work was done by this group until personal circumstances beset the AAAA group around mid 2011 and they found they were unable to continue. As AAAA was the driving force, the project failed to make headway because at this time AAAA was focussed with the Apprentice About reunion to occur in Canberra in October of that year.

With that successful event out of the way the President iniated reactivation of the Balcombe Gates project.  With that a new AAAA Sub Committee was formed comprising Lucas McGann, Peter Muir and myself. What followed then was months of planning interspersed with meetings with MPSC and other interested parties. In essence Peter Muir (25th) took on the engineering works component whilst I saw the opportunity for a reunion of Balcombe soldiers, male and female together with the civilian staff.

The Balcombe Barracks Commemoration 2013 event was created and rescheduled for 3 to 5 May 2013. The date selected was significant in that the Battle of the Coral Sea commenced on 4 May 1942, the US Marines arrived at Balcombe 70 years earlier in 1943 and Army Apprentice School (AAS) being the last of the four post WW2 training units departed Balcombe thirty years earlier in 1983.  The question that was asked in the early stages by MPSC was how many would attend. Wanting to secure their maximum involvement I optimistically advised that we should cater for numbers in the range of 500 to 700. This raised a few eyebrows around the table but as it turned out it was almost right on the money. Peter Muir had very busy days in the final months or so with coordinating the works program. This involved  almost constant liaison with MPSC engineers and their contractors. He gave of his own time and worked tirelessly at all hours to ensure the desired result was achieved. This was done whilst attending to his own daily professional chores. Peter also played a big role in the preparation, wording and layout of the story boards and plaques. Mention here is appropriate of Norm Wells for his wording of the Army Apprentice School story board, and collating of the School of Survey board. Together with Peter they prepared the general Balcombe units board, and this was no small task either.  Bob Ludlow in keeping with his keen interest in the Pacific War undertook to prepare the USMC board assisted by Peter and Norm. So it was a case of many hands making light work.

The weekend was built around a Meet and Greet on Friday 3 May at the Mornington Racing Club (MRC), which was our principal reunion venue. It kicked off about 3 pm with an 8 pm conclusion. By that time all of the administration matters were attended to, refreshments were enjoyed, and blotting paper in the form of tasty and plentiful snacks were eagerly consumed. Saturday morning saw the return of the administration element of Jeff and Jan Heron for the late registrations, which were many. At the same time the Dinner tables were set up with an almost continual change of the seating plan and catering numbers as the late registrations came in.

Saturday afternoon had us all assembled out at Balcombe Grammar School (BGS) with many locals from the Mornington Peninsula. The Principal kindly offered the school facilities for the Commemoration ceremony considering many aspects of the gathering but mainly the unpredictable weather at that time of the year. We conducted a symbolic unveiling of the plaques and story boards indoors in the School gymnasium. The final address was given by the Principal and on completion of the ceremony invited the gathering to afternoon tea prepared by the domestic science students in the school assembly hall. We were hosted by the senior students throughout the day. It was most impressive the way the Principal Matthew Dodd, and the students, created such a welcoming atmosphere for we older graduates of the Balcombe precinct were delighted to receive.

The former AAS parade ground now boasts high quality story boards and unit plaques for the four major Australian training units, the 1st Div USMC and the lesser known minor units of which over the years there were many.

On the evening of Saturday 4 May we were back at the Mornington Racing Club for the reunion dinner. From the start of the evening to the finish it was judged a roaring success. The highlight of the evening revolved around our Marine Corps veteran. Bob Ludlow recited a poem that he had written for the occasion entitled “The Old Breed” which is how the 1st USMC Division describe themselves. Bob signed all one hundred copies that he prepared and which were snapped up by the audience.  He then went on to introduce the Lt Col John Stevens 1st Division USMC (Retd) together with his wife Jody who honoured us with their presence. When the elderly gentleman got to his feet the Marines Hymn was played. Now Marines wherever they are always stand to attention whilst the hymn is played, but within just a few seconds he was joined by everyone in the room, on their feet, singing and clapping time – it was an awesome response. The old veteran told me later that he was overwhelmed and had never experienced such a powerful reception.

Our prime speaker was Colonel David Lawrence, Royal Australian Armoured Corps and a former Commanding Officer of AAS at the time it was relocated from Balcombe to Bonegilla. His well chosen words resonated with all at the Dinner and particulary those who were apprentices at the time of his Command. He was warmly  received and his presence added to the vigour and spontaneity of the evening. Colonel Lawrence is an Associate Member of AAAA. Throughout the evening our willing band of retailers continued plying their trade and conducted both the raffle and the retailing with great success. Bryan and Barbara Daley along with Val Bennett,  Trish and Alf Richardson are the people to be thanked for the level of sales and profit return. All through the evening the dining room exuded strong goodwill and fellowship. Ron Jervis took on the task of creating a mild military theme for the décor. This was done over preceding weeks and the end result fitted the occasion perfectly.

Towards the end of the evening my thoughts turned the tidy up and what to do with Ron's items. As they were far too good to be binned we announced that they were for sale and to see Barbara and helpers, make a selection and then an reasonable offer. The offers were very good, they all sold and a sizeable quantity of $$ was generated for the Commemoration funds.  The MRC final bill to us for the Dinner was for 470 “plates”and we were delighted with the attendance of so many. A number of those making the pilgrimage travelled from WA, FNQ and all points in between. Such was the drawing power of one word, ‘BALCOMBE’. 

But it was the Sunday activity when the boys really rallied. We assembled adjacent the Mornington football ground from about 8.30. The Army Band Melbourne took their place at 8.45 and the lads scrambled to form up.This was all staged by Kevin Noon a former Army Ceremonial guru so the Memorial Service and March Day commenced right on time.

Having gained the approval of Vicroads and MPSC we headed down Main St Mornington with drums beating and the band playing under cover of numerous flags and a huge Banner identifying us to the local community. 800 hundred metres on saw us at the Mornington Memorial Park for the Memorial Service conducted by our own Chaplains Bryan Nichols from Ballarat and Alan Kelb from Albury. The school cadets from Frankston provided the Catafalque Party and did themselves great credit and received vigorous applause at the conclusion of the event.

So ended a wonderful weekend of celebration, reflection and mateship. To all those who made the effort to attend I hope we did you proud. I am about to receive the final copy of the DVD that was made over the weekend so it should be available shortly, watch the AAAA website for details.

Finally I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following people for their invaluable support: Peter Muir 25th, Owen Reynolds 13th, Frank Poole 10th, Ron Jervis 15th, Bruce Keevers 16th, Jeff Heron 21st, Norm Wells 14th, Kevin Noon 14th, and Bob Ludlow 13th. I must offer thanks to the ladies that also made a very big contribution to the success of the Commemoration event. They were Barbara Daley, Trisha Richardson, Val Bennett, Jan Heron and Tina Reynolds. 18 Jun 2013