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2018 AABC Association Reunion / AABC 50th Anniversary - AWM Map

(29 July 18)

For those attending the concert in AWM's Anzac Hall on Fri 3 Aug 2018 and the Reunion Dinner on Sat 4 Aug 2018, both commencing at 6.30pm, the AWM map pictured below lists the only entry point into Anzac Hall following the AWM closure at 5.30pm each day.
The map lists the recommended place to park, which is only a short walk to the entrance on ground level of the AWM.

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2018 AABC Association Reunion/AABC 50th Anniversary
Canberra Thu 2 Aug 2 – Sun 5 Aug 2018

Good afternoon AABCA Membership,

As from Fri 20 Jul 2016 registrations have closed for the 2018 AABC Association Reunion/AABC 50th Anniversary.  I thought it timely to give you an update on final arrangements for the celebrations. Fundamentally the schedule of the weekend hasn’t changed too much from that initially advised to you back in March 2018. To refresh though, please see attached file (all text in red is for you to note specifically as they are either amendments or additions to the schedule.

Updated schedule (.pdf 140kb)

As previously advised, the banking practices of AABCA were being, and now have been reviewed. The new account details have been detailed on the registration form and I am pleased to note it is all working (with only a few hiccups, thanks Trevor and Sue).

Could I ask, particularly those in the Canberra area that you seek out past members that may reside in the area who, for whatever reason have up until now not joined our ranks. I am aware of past Bandies who work in other parts of Defence that may well want to join with us at one or all of the scheduled reunion activities, see what you can do?

By now you will have received the agenda for the AGM from the Secretary Kevin Noon.  I draw your attention to this as there are items in General / Other business that will require you to have an opinion on and then vote.

Finally, a big thank you to John Seagg for arranging the production of polo shirts in anticipation of the reunion weekend. Always a thankless task and one John has done with the appropriate level of good humour. Also please note also that John Franklin has arranged the production of AABC 50th Anniversary Caps as well.  These caps will be available at the reunion, priced between $13.00 & $15.00.

I look forward very much to welcoming you all to Canberra next week.  It promises to be a great weekend, and please as always, pass this correspondence on to those that you know who may be lacking somewhat in the tech savvy space. 

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM

AABC Association Reunion - Notice of an Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Canberra

(11 Jul 2018)

This notice is to advise that the AABC Association are holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 4 August 2018 at the Royal Military College Sergeants' Mess commencing at 9.00am.  The Minutes of the previous AGM held in Maroochydore Qld on 7 October 2017:
AGM Minutes 7 October 2017  (.pdf 203kb)

50th Anniversary of the Formation of the AABC - Adelaide SA

(26 Jun 2018)

AABC Association Assistant Secretary Dave Oakley is organising a get together at the AVOC Hotel at 893 South Rd, Clarence Gardens SA 5039 on Sat 28 Jul at 12.00pm (Lunch) to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the AABC. Those members who served in the AABC and those who served prior who are not travelling to Canberra for the celebrations there, you're invited to attend the celebration for the AABC's 50th Anniversary in Clarence Gardens by contacting Dave Oakley at sodaveo@kern.com.au or mob: 0438 951 738
Come and join the in what is a significant event in the Band Corps long history. Dave says he would love to see you there! RSVP to Dave NLT Sat 14 Jul 2018
Thank you

2018 AABC Association Reunion - Registration Form

(13 Jul 2018)

Dear AABCA membership

You will no doubt be (as I am) very excited at the final shape of the AABCA reunion weekend in August in Canberra.  While it is an annual event for the Association, it is a 'once only' affair for the AABC, the 50th Anniversary of our Corps.  That being the case, the committee felt the occasion warranted a venue for the dinner befitting a 50th Anniversary, so after reviewing a number of suggestions in Canberra, settled on the wonderful Anzac Hall housed within the Australian War Memorial.

You have hopefully noticed the AABCA subsidised items on the Registration form to help keep the cost for the weekend to a manageable level .  To further our efforts to defray costs, the Association is also to subsidise the administration / running costs associated with the dinner to ensure that we all get to experience the evening in this splendid venue, while keeping the cost to diners to under $100.00 per head.  Please complete the attached Registration and return to Sue Baxter at your earliest convenience.  I look forward to welcoming you all to Canberra and enjoying a great 'catch up' with you to mark our first 50 years.  Regards,

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM



Reunion Registration Form 2018.doc (75k)

Reunion Registration Form 2018.pdf (187k)

2018 AABC Association Reunion - Message from the President

(11 May 2018)

Dear AABCA members,

In addition to my contribution to the upcoming Anzac edition of the AABCA Newsletter, I feel a separate letter to the membership concerning the 2018 reunion is warranted. In my efforts to manage expectations, I would like to keep you apprised of some of the challenges one is confronted with when staging an activity such as this in Canberra. 

Kev Noon and I are fielding enquiries fairly regularly from members requesting information on the weekend.  There has been a draft of the weekend’s activities on the web site since March this year and the same information has been sent via email to the membership list and also posted on facebook on more than one occasion. If in your communications with some of our maybe less than technically proficient membership you gather they may not have yet accessed the relevant information, please help us out by guiding them down the right path; word of mouth is still a pretty strong medium and it may help lessen some of those calls we’re fielding. 

Plans for the weekend are progressing well with a very full agenda in place.  2017’s Reunion in QLD was a success on many fronts, particularly the venue and the costs associated with its use by us.  The Maroochy RSL is an impressive club to be sure, and the support shown to us by way of the costing model applied was greatly appreciated by all in attendance, I’m sure. Similar options available to us in Canberra however are just not possible. Staging events is an industry and generally one that is not in the business of charity. RSLs will endeavour to assist service associations should they have with the capacity to host an event such as ours, Maroochy is a fine example.  Canberra has no such RSL, or any other service club with the capacity to stage an event worthy of the 50th anniversary. For this reason we have had to go to a commercial style events venue, and the Australian War Memorial was considered a fitting choice.   The cost is likely to be $120.00 per head, and this is with us electing to run a cash bar.  Similarly, the meet and greet at the RMC Sergeants Mess will be more than QLD at approximately $45.00 per, also with a cash bar. 

I understand that the costs associated with staging this year’s reunion may prohibit some of you from attending.  The AABCA committee is considering a proposal to keep other costs to a minimum by subsidizing the two BBQs and absorbing the venue hire costs, more to follow on that. 

When the research is completed, you will also be approached by the committee seeking an expression of interest in the purchase of an anniversary polo shirt and potentially a cap.  Again, this is not a compulsory cost for the weekend, but along with selecting the right accommodation for you, may be something you would like to factor in when weighing up your options. 

It is my hope that this letter has put to bed any further speculation on the cost of this year’s reunion, and more importantly highlighted the venue challenges facing event organisers in Canberra. There is no doubt that we were blessed last year in QLD with such a supportive RSL, but staging events is a business, a business that is a service, and a service for which we must be prepared to pay accordingly. 

We are in for a very memorable 2018 reunion. A 50th anniversary only comes around once and I am very much looking forward to sharing this occasion with as many of you as possible. 

Warmest regards,

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM
President AABCA

Newsletter / Database - Personal Address Details - Update

(30 Oct 2017)

Association Database Manager Dave Oakley writes despite requesting association members to confirm their Email addresses he says he still had many emails and Newsletters returned.  He's reminding those who have changed your address, Email details or your phone/mobile number please contact him to advise him of the change/s.  Dave says if you are unsure he is happy to check your details with you. 

Dave's Email address is: sodaveo@kern.com.au or phone: 0438 951 738.

Noteworthy - The Association's Newsletter

(1 Nov 2017)

Due to the rising costs to produce the Associations Newsletter it was decided at the 2016 AGM that the association would send out the next and consequent Newsletters (Anzac & Corps Birthday editions) electronically (via Email) to our members.  We acknowledge that not everyone of our members have access to Email or doesn't even have a computer, and those members will be sent the Newsletter by mail. 

Dave Oakley, our Database Manager has forwarded a 'test' Email to those members who have provided an Email address together with their details to confirm that the members Email address is correct.  Those members without an Email address will be sent the Newsletter by mail.

 Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Sick Parade Page

The Association website's Sick Parade link that are well out of date will be deleted unless the person concerned advises the AABC Secretary that their condition is still current or has changed.  If you're one of the members that are listed in the page or you were the one that notified us, please advise the Secretary of your updated condition or situation.  Thank you.

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If members change any of their personal or contact details, please notify the Secretary (knoon@netspace.net.au) of the change/s ASAP.  Failure to do so will result in those members not receiving newsletters / updates.  We need your details so we can contact you.


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