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2016 AABC Association Reunion - Fremantle WA (Further update)

(14  Oct 2016)

Message from Fremantle Reunion Committee Member, Ian Milne.

Ian has requested that if there are any AABC Association Members that still wish to register for the reunion are asked to submit their Registrations with full payment to the Chris Mullin, the Reunion POC, ensuring that members include what events/activities they with to attend.  Note: Registration details are available on the AABC Association Website.

For those members that have indicated by email or phoned that they are attending the reunion and have not submitted any payment (deposit/final payment) and/or sent any of the required paperwork, Ian says they should contact either Chris Mullin: 0421 203 384 or Ian Milne: Email:  If you have any questions please contact Chris or Ian on the numbers or email above.

Numbers to date are:

  • Golf - 7  (Note: if you are a golfer please join us for a hit on Friday morning)

  • Meet & Greet - 69

  • AGM - 43 (Note: The AGM now commences at 0930 - 1130).

  • Concert - 64 (Note: The concert venue has changed to Mews Park in Fremantle. Members are advised that there is no transportation provided by AAB-P and are adviserd that the venue is an approximate 40 minute walk from the Tradwinds Hotel)

  • Association Dinner - 82

  • Cruise - 60 (bookings filled)

Thank you

Sick Parade - Norm Austin

(7 Oct 2016)

Association member Tony Sillcock reports that he reveived news yesterday from Tom Lyons, a member of the 8 RAR Association that AABC Association member Norm Austin had been admitted to the Royal North Shore hospital after being diagnosed with Mythophieloma (Asbestosis). Norm has a fluid build-up in behind his lungs and the hospital advised they are going to drain the fluid.  Tom Lyons said he previously worked with asbestos as a safety officer and says you dont know if you have this terrible condition until forty plus years later.  No other details are known at this stage, but as information comes to hand it will be posted.

The AABC Association pass on our best wishes to Norm and that our thoughts are with him at this time.

2016 AABC Association Reunion - Fremantle WA (Update)

(17 Aug 2016)

With the 2016 AABC Association Reunion being confirmed to be held in Frematle WA on dates Fri 21 Oct - Sun 23 Oct 2016 inc, details for the reunion have been released for some time now to enable members who are travelling to WA to take advantage of any discounted fares that may be available.  The Registration Form (see below) has all the detailed information regarding the activities being conducted throughout the weekend together with times and costs.  

To date the numbers that have submitted their Registration Forms are mainly from interstate members, which is of some concern to the WA Committee who expected a greater number of members who reside in Perth and the surrounding region to attend.  Our POC in Perth, Chris Mullin says this promises to be a great weekend for all that attend the reunion and says if you're an ex-member of the AABC come alongwith your partner and enjoy the comaraderie of others that served in the AABC.

Fri 21 Oct 16

  • 1000 - AABC Association Golf Trophy (Point Walter Golf Club, Bicton - Ph: 08 9330 3262)

    Note: Only five carts are available and already three have been booked.  Suggest if you require a cart you book ASAP.

  • 1800 - Meet & Greet (Tradewinds Hotel)

Sat 22 Oct 16

  • 0930 - 1130 (Tradewinds Hotel)

  • 1230 - AAB-Perth Concert (Fremantle - Mews Park.  Note: Those attending are advised that the concert is a 'Big Band' Concert.

  • 1800 for 1830 - AABC Association Dinner (Plympton Room - Tradewinds Hotel)

Sun 23 Oct 16

  • 1000 - 1400 River Cruise (East Street Jetty) - 51 bookings for the cruise have been received.  

    Note: The East Street Jetty is within walking distance of the Tradewinds Hotel)

Note 1: Except for the concert being held in Perth (venue TBA) early on Saturday afternoon the majority of reunion activities are being held in Fremantle at the Tradewinds Hotel. More information / Registration form

Note 2: Originally the closing date for deposits was Fri 12 Aug 2016.  Our POC Chris Mullin has advised the closing date has now been extended well into September. Note that the final balance payment for the Reunion was required by Fri 30 Sep 2016!

We hope to see you there....!

AABC Association - Notice of an Annual General Meeting

(10 Aug 2016)

With the 2016 AABC Association Reunion being held in Fremantle, WA in 2016 this notice is to advise members that the AABC Association Annual General Meeting will be held at the Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle on Sat 22 Oct 2016, during the reunion period, commencing at 9.00am. 

If members have any agenda items they wish to raise they are requested to advise the Secretary ( NLT COB Fri 14 Oct 2016.

Any apologies are to forwarded to the Secretary, Kevin Noon.

Co-Chaplain AABC Association - Mr Matthew James

(26 Jun 2016)

The AABC Association Committee recently held a meeting and unanimously agreed to the appointment of Mr Matthew James as our Co-Chaplain of the Association.  Our current Chaplain, LTCOL Dennis Hills (Retd) who has been ill for some time it was put forward that the association appoint a Co Chaplain to assist in the Association's pastoral work.  

Following the vote the President John Franklin advised Matthew of his appointment and said I think it is a great thing that one of our own is appointed to this position.  Thank you and congratulations Matthew.

Australians Reunited – Terendak Repatriation (2 Jun 2016)

(13 Jun 2016)

On Thu 2 June 2016, Australia welcomed home 33 Australian service personnel and dependents, many of whom were casualties of the Vietnam War, from cemeteries in Malaysia and Singapore.  To date the official 'Ramp Ceremony' for the repatriation of those service personnel being returned to Australia has been conducted at Richmond Air Base where the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia attended.  Since then funerals have since been held at Rookwood Cemetery and other sites around Australia, which included both PTE/Rifleman/Drummer Chris Clarke and Merv Wilson. 

The repatriation, organised by the Office of Australian War Graves was one of the largest single repatriations of Australian service men and dependents in Australia’s history. More on the DVA website...

Video of the ceremony

RSL Virtual War Memorial

(19 Oct 2015)

During the 2015 AABC Association Reunion Dinner held on Sat 17 Oct 2015 the association had the priveledge to have as their special guest speaker Ms Sharyn Roberts, General Manager, RSL Virtual War Memorial, who provided an informative presentation on the RSL Virtual War Memorial.   If any members are interested in providing information or viewing the site the details of the virtual war memorial site can be seen by clicking here:  Already information on our Patron of the AABC Association, Brigadier J.J. Shelton, DSO, MC has been posted on the memorial site

Our thanks go out to Dave Oakley, the head of the Adelaide Committee for organising Sharyn to speak and on behalf of the AABC Association we thank her for this informative presentation.  Sharyn's details are:

Ms Sharyn Roberts 
General Manager  RSL Virtual War Memorial
Direct Dial Number| 8100 7318
Mobile|  0402 434 063


Royal Australian Engineers Band Recording

(30 Jun 2015)

In the late sixties/early seventies the RAE Band produced an album of popular tunes and music for a typical RAE Parade. Later the album was transferred to cassette.  The association is looking for any ex member of Engineers Band who may still have a copy of the record or cassette to contact the Secretary using email:  The son of former RSM James (Jim) Geoff Boughton has asked to association to assist him in finding a copy of the record or cassettte.  Your help with this request would be most appreciated.

Pension Increase for Veteran Community and Important Announcement on DFRB/DFRDB Pensions  

For details of pension increases and the Fair Indexation of Pensions Bill (FIB), please click here.

Australian Army Band Corps Association Inc Facebook Group

(16 Nov 2013)

The President, John Franklin has advised that the Australian Army Band Corps Association Inc Facebook Group has been set up to allow association members to share stories and photos quickly and easily.  It is requested that members are thoughtful and considerate about the content of their posts. 

Sick Parade Page

The Association website Sick Parade link that are well out of date will be deleted unless the person concerned advises the AABC Secretary that their condition is still current or has changed.  If you're one of the members that are listed in the page or you were the one that notified us, please advise the Secretary of your updated condition or situation.  Thank you.

AGM / Reunion 2016

Perth, West Australia
Friday 21 - Sunday 23 October

Final payment:
30 Sept 16

For more details please check out the Reunion Page


Changes to Details

If members change any of their personal or contact details, please notify the Secretary ( of the change/s ASAP.  Failure to do so will result in those members not receiving newsletters / updates.  We need your details so we can contact you.


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