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Newsletter / Database - Personal Address Details

(12 Sep 2017)

Association Database Manager Dave Oakley writes despite requesting association members to confirm their Email addresses late last year and early this year, he says he still had fourty emails returned.  His email contained the AABC Association's Birthday edition of the Newsletter. He says if you have changed your address, Email details or your phone number please contact him to advise him of the change/s.  He says if you are unsure he is happy to check your details with you. 

Dave's Email address is: or phone: 0438 951 738.

AABC Association Reunion - Maroochydore Qld (Further update)

(18 Sep 2017)

Members who are still to forward their Registrations to attend the 2017 AABC Reunion being held at Maroochydore during the period Fri 6 Oct - Sun 8 Oct 17 are advised Registrations that were due to be received NLT Fri 15 Sep 2017 are now closed The organising committee advised that they required your registration by this date in order to meet venue and contractor deadlines.   

If you are attending the reunion, but still haven't forwarded your Registratioin Form please contact Sue Baxter on email: urgently and indicate your intentions and follow up immediately with the Registration Form and subsequent payment.

Golf organiser Stephen Mee says he needs more golfers to play on Friday for the AABC Association Golf Trophy at Pelican Waters Golf Club to take advantage of the great offer he's received by the Club for our association. 

This reunion promises to be one of our best and a large attendance would ensure a great time and the chance to catch up with friends and former colleagues.  We hope to see you there!

AABC 49th Birthday 

(2 Aug 2017)

On behalf of the President and members of the AABC Association we celebrate the 49th Birthday of the Australian Army Band Corps. The progress and professionalism from Corps members over the past 49 years has been outstanding and as we participate and perform around the globe the Corps is being recognised and applauded.

This is a time when we reflect on our past even before the Corps was formed, remember all who went before us and mourn those who lost their lives in times of conflict.

Bands of the AAB has and will celebrate the Corps Birthday with past members on different days this week, cut the cake and sing our Corps Song, 'The Minstrel Boy'. Enjoy the day and charge your glasses....

'The Corps'

AABC Association Reunion 2017 (Maroochydore) - Accommodation

(5 Jun 2017)

Reunion Committee man Nelson Oakley writes that he has finally managed to put together some information that may be helpful to those planning to attend the reunion this year being held at Maroochydore in October (Fri 6 - Sun 8 Oct).

Keeping in mind everyone's varying budgets and circumstances, the following is a range of accommodation that is within easy walking distance to the reunion venue, Maroochydore RSL. Some of you may be familiar with sites like and and, if you are more comfortable using these, I encourage you to do so, but for the 'old school' amongst us, the following may help you get started:

If you have a caravan or want budget accom-…/maroochydore…/

Powered site - $46 per night
Studio Cabin - $129 per night…/cotton_tree_…/
Same prices as Maroochy Beach but may have slightly different cabins available.

If you want a nice tidy middle of the range apartment or resort room try-
Studio apartment - $125 per night
1 Bedroom apartment - $135 per night
2 Bedroom apartment (1 queen/2 singles) $147 per night
1 Bedroom apartment - $128 per night
1 Bedroom apartment - $132 per night

If you want something a little more up market or are sharing-
Studio apartment - $170 per night
2 Bedroom apartment - $236 per night

If you would like to treat yourself-
1 Bedroom - $241 per night
2 Bedroom - $251 per night
2 Bedroom - $279 per night
Penthouse - $450 per night

As  Nelson explained earlier, you may be able to find a better deal on another site or with discounts through memberships and credit cards etc. but all of the above listed will have you close to the venue ready to enjoy a fantastic weekend on the magnificent Sunshine Coast.

Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park - Sunshine Coast Holiday Parks - Beachfront Caravan Parks & Camping.  Listen to the sounds of the waves and breathe in the salty ocean air at Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park. There is nothing between you and the ocean, with a walkway straight to one of the most magnificent beaches on the Coast.  SUNSHINECOASTHOLIDAYPARKS.COM.AU

Happy hunting...!

Noteworthy - The Association's Newsletter

(27 Mar 2017)

Due to the rising costs to produce the Associations Newsletter it was decided at the 2016 AGM that the association would send out the next and consequent Newsletters (Anzac Edition) electronically (via Email) to our members.  We acknowledge that not everyone of our members have access to Email or don't even have a computer and those members will be sent the Newsletter by mail. 

In the coming week Dave Oakley, our Database Manager will send out a 'test' Email to those members who have provided an Email address together with their details to confirm that the members Email address is correct.  Those members without an Email address will be sent the Newsletter by mail.

More information as to this agenda will be posted as details come to hand.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Australians Reunited – Terendak Repatriation (2 Jun 2016)

(13 Jun 2016)

On Thu 2 June 2016, Australia welcomed home 33 Australian service personnel and dependents, many of whom were casualties of the Vietnam War, from cemeteries in Malaysia and Singapore.  To date the official 'Ramp Ceremony' for the repatriation of those service personnel being returned to Australia has been conducted at Richmond Air Base where the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia attended.  Since then funerals have since been held at Rookwood Cemetery and other sites around Australia, which included both PTE/Rifleman/Drummer Chris Clarke and Merv Wilson. 

The repatriation, organised by the Office of Australian War Graves was one of the largest single repatriations of Australian service men and dependents in Australia’s history. More on the DVA website...

Video of the ceremony

RSL Virtual War Memorial

(19 Oct 2015)

During the 2015 AABC Association Reunion Dinner held on Sat 17 Oct 2015 the association had the priveledge to have as their special guest speaker Ms Sharyn Roberts, General Manager, RSL Virtual War Memorial, who provided an informative presentation on the RSL Virtual War Memorial.   If any members are interested in providing information or viewing the site the details of the virtual war memorial site can be seen by clicking here:  Already information on our Patron of the AABC Association, Brigadier J.J. Shelton, DSO, MC has been posted on the memorial site

Our thanks go out to Dave Oakley, the head of the Adelaide Committee for organising Sharyn to speak and on behalf of the AABC Association we thank her for this informative presentation.  Sharyn's details are:

Ms Sharyn Roberts 
General Manager  RSL Virtual War Memorial
Direct Dial Number| 8100 7318
Mobile|  0402 434 063


Pension Increase for Veteran Community and Important Announcement on DFRB/DFRDB Pensions  

For details of pension increases and the Fair Indexation of Pensions Bill (FIB), please click here.

Sick Parade Page

The Association website Sick Parade link that are well out of date will be deleted unless the person concerned advises the AABC Secretary that their condition is still current or has changed.  If you're one of the members that are listed in the page or you were the one that notified us, please advise the Secretary of your updated condition or situation.  Thank you.

Corps Birthday 2017

Activities for the
2 August are listed
by state on this page:
Corps Birthday 2017


Changes to Details

If members change any of their personal or contact details, please notify the Secretary ( of the change/s ASAP.  Failure to do so will result in those members not receiving newsletters / updates.  We need your details so we can contact you.


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