CD Reviews

CDREVIEWSPAGE_CDCOVER_un_po_di_tutto.jpgUn po' di tutto - 'a little of everything' (1996)

Australian Army Band Kapooka, under the Musical Direction of Major Patrick Pickett.

This diverse double album has everything going for it, masterfully illustrating the spectrum of styles from Classical to Big Band. Featuring prestigious guest artists such as the tremendous baritone voice of Donald Cant to giant jazz stars like James Morrison, Don Burrows and George Golla. The Concert Band performances, recorded Chris Stevenson, are beautifully balanced highlighting the dynamic power, agility and elegance of the concert band as exemplified in Sandakin Suite by Brenton Broadstock. The exquisite performances of the Chamber Ensemble are artfully interpreted with delicate blending of instruments. The band have their own stars too with solid stylistic improvisations by James Hoogstad on tenor sax & blues harp on Green Onions and Caroline Badcock 's beautiful interpretation of the haunting melody of Gabriels Oboe, to the rich power of Brendan Barkers dynamic lead trumpet. This album has it all.


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CDREVIEWSPAGE_CDCOVER_foggy_day.jpgA Foggy Day in Melbourne (1997)

Australian Army Band Melbourne - Big Band.  Band leader - Mike Fitzpatrick.

This easy listening velvety recording is the perfect accompaniment to any candlelit dinner. Standard jazz classics presented in the big band style will surely be a favorite for seasoned jazz lovers. This fine recording features beautiful performances by Peter McCracken on Flugel over 'Chelsea Bridge' and polished renditions of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and A Foggy Day by the tastefully styled tenor saxophonist Shane Gallagher.


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Y2K Compliant (1999)

Commandant's Choice is the premier jazz ensemble of the Australian Army Band Melbourne, under the artistic direction of trombonist and composer Mike Fitzpatrick.

Y2K explores contemporary jazz styles in the big band medium on an all Australian album composed by predominantly service personnel. Opening track is the dynamic Avanti by Glenn Rogers, featuring Tina Kashin on bass and the sparkling charismatic tones of guest alto saxophonist Nick Pearce. Great energy throughout led by precision lead trumpet playing by Gordon Lambie and locked in by the steadfast kit playing of Sean O'Toole.

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A Celebration (2001)

Australian Army Band Kapooka - Conducted by Major Patrick Pickett CSM

A patriotic celebration of the centenary of the Australian soldier. Beautifully presented and cleverly selected account that traces a musical pilgrimage of our colonial heritage. Outstanding original composition and performance by Jan Hewerdine on penny whistle, who takes the listener on a journey through the Mists Of County Mayo, capturing the spirit of Ireland. Other highlights include the crystal clear soprano voice of Jane O'Toole in Mozart's Aria No.14, beautifully controlled Concert Band piece Folksong Suite No.3, and a stirring Last Post by Graeme Reynolds on bugle. A superbly produced album aided by the fine engineering of Stephen Glasson.

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Stand Easy (2002)

The Murrumbidgee Mudmen is one of the small ensembles of the Australian Army Band Kapooka, led & produced by Russell Paynter.

All seven members on this fine album perform with finesse and an abundance of character. These guys dont let a note slip and every cheeky lick is sold with conviction. Artfully produced and recorded, this is a fantastic album and recorded live in only one week. If you are a lover of trad jazz then this is the album for you. The Murrumbidgee Mudmen are THE traditional dixieland jazz band of the Australian Army Band Corps.

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Camouflage EXPOSED (2002)

The Big Band of the Australian Army Band Sydney led and produced by Rod Mason.  This is a recording with conscience - a charity project that united Sydney's music industry on a quest to help those who are less fortunate - the homeless. Every musician on this album deserves credit, with punchy tight section playing throughout and cutting edge solo after solo to match helped this album attain the No.1 ranking in Sydney's jazz charts. The critics have applauded this album throughout Australia and was subsequently nominated in the Australian Jazz Awards 2003 for 'Best Contemporary Album of the Year' - two firsts for an  Australian Defence Band!

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