Australian Army Band Corps Association Award

CRITERIA:  The Australian Army Band Corps Association Award is awarded annually to a member of the AABC nominated by the Commanding Officer, Australian Army Band and Head of Corps AABC whose achievements have significantly contributed to the operational effectiveness of the AABC, the morale and esprit-de-corps of its members and enhanced the status of the AABC within the Army and the wider community.


Musician William Barker

Musician Barker is posted to the Australian Army Band Kapooka as a brass multi-instrumentalist. He has the distinction of holding trade qualifications for three separate brass instruments - euphonium at Musician Grade 3, as well as tuba and tenor trombone at Musician Grade 2. Often at short notice, his proficiency across these instruments has significantly contributed to the operational effectiveness of the Australian Army Band Corps by way of enabling subunit tasking to succeed across broad range of military and community engagements, especially when unplanned absences are experienced.

Musician Barker is a ‘go to’ choice for temporary duty, and his unique skill set is frequently called upon in order to support a variety of sub-units across ceremonial and concert events. Of note is his work in the international engagement space, In recent years Musician Barker has been an exceptional ambassador for the Australian Army Band Corps at official Anzac Day commemoration services held in Gallipoli, and VilIers-Bretonneux.

Musician Barker's most recent contribution to sub-unit capablity and esprit de corps is evidenced through his creation and leadership or the Australian Army Band Kapooka Brass Quartet. Without prompting, Musician Barker noted the potential of this small team as well as the individuals within it - carefully sourcing repertoire, requesting training time, leading rehearsals and liaising with clientele - without expectation of career advancement, but purely for the passion of his trade and the enriched opportunity it afforded his fellow team members. His foresight in developing this ensemble has enabled musical growth amongst his peer group, and for dynamic programming to occur at the small team's level.

In the community, Musician Barker freely gives his time to the next generation of brass players in the Riverina, chiefly by way of his recent ‘Trombonanza!’ workshop. In conjunction with industry partners at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music, Musician Barker’s shared knowledge serves both as an inspiration, and an opportunity not always afforded to young musicians in regional centres. In addition to this, Musician Barker's commitment towards community music is evidenced by his recent performance at the NSW State Band Championships.

Musician Barker consistently performs all aspects of his duties as a soldier musician willingly and without hesitation. He is a credit to the Australian Army Band Corps and the Australian Army, evidenced through his musical abilities, and the example he sets as an Australian soldier. His service continues in the finest traditions of all previous recipients of this award.

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM
President AABCA
October 2023

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  • 2023 MUSN William Barker - AAB Kapooka - Citation