AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2012

Sergeant Kirsty Jenelle Bird 

The Citation reads:

In recognition of your significant contribution to the Australian Army Band Corps over many years and most recently as a Sergeant posted to the Band of the Royal Military College, Duntroon.
Throughout your career you have displayed the highest levels of professionalism and service ethos and have done so in a manner that has significantly enhanced the morale and ‘espirit de corps’ of those who have served with you.

During your posting at the Royal Military College Band you have achieved excellent results as the Group Leader, Librarian and in all other aspects of your duty statement. The way you 'lead by example' and your positive demeanour enhance the morale of those who serve with you, directly contributing to an increase in productivity. An aspect of your duty statement where you have significantly enhanced operational effectiveness is the progress and completion of ‘Distance Learning’ for part-time members of the band.
Prior to your arrival to the unit Distance Learning progress was limited and it was likely that several members would not complete the training within the course timeline. In early 2012 it was decided that Distance Learning training and management was to be addressed and due to your recent cadre experience in a Regional Reserve Band it was included in your duty statement.   Immediately you reviewed all distance training, addressed the shortfalls and produced and implemented a plan. Since then all participants have completed the training successfully and parade regularly as qualified and effective members of their units. The qualified part-time personnel have increased their capability and efficiency, the increase a direct testament to your dedication and professionalism.

Your willingness and success with regard to the Distance Learning are a reflection of your commitment and service ethos in all aspects of your performance. Your professionalism is an example for all who serve with you and in the finest traditions of past and present soldier/musicians of the Australian Army Band Corps.

Patrick S Steer
October 2012