AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2011

Lance Corporal Justin Kennedy

The Citation reads:

In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the Australian Army Band Corps as a sound and lighting technician.

Since joining the AABC, you have continued to develop your skills not only as a musician, but in the areas of sound and lighting. The result has been a greatly enhanced product, both nationally and internationally, that we, as a Corps, strive to portray.

Your roles have included being the principal sound engineer whilst posted to the Australian Army Band Melbourne, and leader of the sound team during your current posting at the Australian Army Band Kapooka. Your expertise and interest in this field has seen you selected for deployments to the Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, the Middle East and Afghanistan.  During these deployments you have worked diligently to establish relations with both civilian and service personnel to enhance and produce performances that have greatly added to the morale of deployed troops.

In your current posting, you have been proactive in sourcing equipment to develop the sound studio, thereby greatly enhancing the capability of the unit.

Your preparedness to assist and impart your knowledge to others, and your willingness to go the extra distance to see the best possible product produced, is a credit to yourself and reflects positively on the AABC.

Patrick S Steer
October  2011


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