AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2010

Corporal Greg Peterson

 The Citation reads:

In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the Australian Army Band Corps as a composer and arranger.

Since joining the AABC your compositional and arranging prowess has provided inspiration to all who have performed you works. You have duly earned the reputation for excellence, dedication and professionalism in this field.

Your original works, arrangements and transcriptions have been performed by both military and civilian ensembles throughout Australia and the world. Those that have been performed for deployed Australian troops throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and the South Pacific have been greatly appreciated by them and these performances have been valuable in building the relationship between the AABC and the wider Army.

In addition, you have made an outstanding contribution to major recording projects undertaken by the Australian Army Band Sydney, work that will serve to maintain the heritage of the Australian Army.

You are an exceptional role model to all musicians by producing consistently high standards in all tasks, engendering deserved credit to yourself and the Australian Army Band Corps.

Robert A Keatch
June 2010