AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2015

Corporal David Shuttleworth

The Citation reads:

In recognition of your valuable contribution to the Australian Army Band Kapooka (AAB-K) from 2011 to 2015.

During your tenure with AAB-K you significantly and positively influenced the morale of the unit through a variety of formal and informal methods, thereby enhancing the capability of the unit.

You very successfully planned and conducted a number of Adventurous Training activities that met the Commander’s intent of enhancing individual resilience, whilst developing teamwork and leadership. Throughout the planning and preparation phases you displayed organisational skills well above that of your worn rank, whilst during the conduct of the activities you exhibited a thoroughly professional demeanour and commitment to safety.

During the transition of the band from concert band to support band, you qualified on saxophone without detriment to your ability on the clarinet. You are now equally at home on either instrument with the result that you are often called upon to perform solos on both instruments, always to a very high standard. Also, despite some physical discomfort, you never fail to step in to play bass drum on parade if required. The fact that you do all of this willingly is testament to your professionalism and you provide a valuable role model for your subordinates and peers.

Finally and most significantly, your concern for the welfare of your peers and subordinates and your willingness to counsel them when appropriate is a trait that is highly regarded by your superiors. Although you are always thoroughly professional in these encounters, the fact that you often do it with a sense of humour is greatly appreciated by your subordinates.

During your time at AAB-K your sense of humour combined with your work ethic and professionalism have helped make the unit a more enjoyable and effective workplace. These traits are the hallmark of the Australian Army Band and are in the finest traditions of the Australian Army.

John Franklin
AABC Association  
17 October 2015