AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2013

Musician Robin Kidney

The Citation reads:

In recognition of his exceptional commitment to the Australian Army Band Darwin over many years. MUSN Kidney enlisted in 1993 and, with the exception of regional 'postings' with the Northern Territory Police, has been a parading member of AAB-D for all of those twenty years.

Primarily a trumpet player, MUSN Kidney has been a regular bugler at significant events in and around Darwin over many years, including Anzac Day dawn services and at the Bombing of Darwin commemorations. He also notably bugled for President Obama's visit in 2011. More recently, MUSN Kidney has taken up the challenge of learning the drum kit for AAB-D in the absence of a parading member on that instrument.

By committing considerable time and effort to this task, he has greatly enhanced the 'week in - week out' capability of AAB-D and this exemplifies the critical contribution that must be made by members of our Reserve bands to ensure they continue to represent the Army in the community at the highest standard. It also serves to ensure the independence of the band by relying less on personnel from other regions to meet the need.

MUSN Kidney is an enthusiastic and proud member of the band who always sees things in a positive light and this attitude flows on to band members around him, whether that be 'on the gig' or socially. He is a large part of the identity of AAB-D, and the band's ability to perform at the level it does is in no small part due to MUSN Kidney's enduring service and commitment.

Patrick S Steer
20 October 2012