AABC Association (Bruce Pinney) Award 2018

Musician Alex David O’Neill

The Citation reads:

In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the Australian Army Band Corps and the Australian Defence Force.

You are commended for your outstanding service as the Drummer, and Principal Percussionist, of the Australian Army Band - Sydney.

As a highly skilled Musician, you have proven yourself to be willing and able to provide vital capability to the sub-unit, through your dedicated and skilful contribution to a number of ensembles. A typical example of your dedication and professionalism to the Australian Defence Force has been the many hours of your own time that you have dedicated to mentoring an Army Reserve recruit member seeking to gain the necessary skills and attributes to transfer to the Regular Army.

Your personality and demeanour encourage high levels of enthusiasm, team work and productivity from those around you. Your eagerness to ensure that the product that is presented to the public is of the highest possible standard is an absolute credit to you. This is particularly evident in the musical contribution to the various bands and ensembles within the Australian Army Band – Sydney with which you are involved.

Your efforts reflect great credit on yourself and exemplify the performance to which all members of the Australian Army Band Corps should aspire.

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM
AABC Association     

2nd August 2018