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This page is intended to be both a place to come and listen to recordings made by individual and combined bands of the Australian Army Band Corps, who many of our association have been a part of, and somewhere for the musicians to publish their own compositions.

The process as most will know is to create a wave file or an mp3, attach it to an email and send it to Stu Colhoun or the webmaster, it will then be uploaded to the site.  It will enhance the page if the music is accompanied by a short story or explanation on the origin of the music.

Four pieces recorded by the Royal Australian Armoured Corps Band in 1966.

By Land and Sea
Feed The Birds
Royal Birthday

Thanks John Strickland


Australian Army on Tour - Colchester 1977

Australian Army Band made these recordings in Colchester, England in 1977 under Lt. Col. Alex Henderson. The album was the Australian Army on Tour and was recorded in the Mercury Theatre in Colchester in early August 1977. The tracks are :

PONCE arr Walters "Estrellita"
Rimsky-Korsakov " Procession of the Nobles" (slight bump in this track)
A third track from the recording is Trumpercussion
Royal Marines Band-1977 Royal Tournament
Australian Army Band- 1977 Earl's Court


1st Military District Band  - Warana Concert - Brisbane City Hall 1975

Conductor : Captain Gordon Parham
Guest Conductor : Lt Col Alex Henderson**
(All tracks are MP3s.)

MOZART - Marriage of Figaro Overture
KLEIN G - Paint Pots and Old Faithful from Yellowstone Suite
Clarinet Solo in Old Faithful - Keith Noud
VIVALDI - Concerto for 2 Trumpets in Bb
Soloists - Alan Wilkie and Gordon Flemming
DVORAK - Czech Suite
Jacob - Concerto for Band**
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Dance of the Tumblers from the Snow Maiden
GILLIS - January February March
arr ROXBURGH - Jesus Christ Superstar Medley
Jacob - Music for a Festival**

Submitted by Sterle Buchanan (thanks)

1st Military District Band (now Australian Army Band Brisbane)

An album from the mid 80's made by 1MD Band here in Brisbane with Major Colin Harper.
The ten tracks are:

ALFORD - The Mad Major
The Movies by 1MD Band
Devil's Dance (with Bagpipes)
Soloists for were Keith Love and Peter Poole.
arr BARKER -  Sousa
LLOYD WEBBER - A Symphonic Portrait
Clarinet Jazz solo was Jan Hewerdine.
GANNE - Marche Lorraine
GERSHWIN  -  Strike up the band
BELA  -  Lustspiel Overture
arr WALTERS  -  Country & Western

Submitted by Sterle Buchanan (thanks)

4th Military District Band 

Strike up the band arr James by 4MD Band.mp3
Jubilant Fanfare by 4MD Band.mp3
The Lonely Shepherd by 4MD Band.mp3
Soloist is Sgt Frank Daly
The Two Imps by 4MD Band.mp3

Xylophone Soloists Steve Hooper and Rohan Stubbings.
Big Band Classics by 4MD Band.mp3
Dave Brubeck - A Portrait in Time by 4 MD Band.mp3
Pathfinders March by 4MD Band.mp3
Fanfare and Soliloquy for Band by 4MD Band.mp3
A Festive Overture by 4 MD Band
John Williams Symphonic Marches by 4MD Band

Submitted by Sterle Buchanan (thanks)




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