1st Military District Band

Government House, Brisbane 1979. Bandmaster is Doug Hocking. 2IC is Neville Hammond. Front row: Clarinets - Les Owens, Brian Keating, Graham Pettican, Sterle Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, Bill Groessler, Les Thomas, Chris Stevenson, Ian Erskine, Ross Wakem. 2nd Row: Flutes - Greg Watkins, Michael Coogan, Oboe - Peter King, Saxes - Tom Joy, Ian Chaplin, Gerry Vandermaat, Ian Grant, Ken Trevanion, Euphos - Ian Boath, Kev Jones, Bassoons - Graham Curran, Doug Williams, Bass Clarinet - Frank Hocking. 3rd Row: Horns - Ian Cocking, Eric Hanscomb, Bill McIntyre, Marty Platt, Trumpets - Clem Kellar, Gregg Amies, Keith Love, Gordon Flemming, Harry Weston, Carey Fehst, Rod Iffinger, Trombones - Roy Tranby, Fred Fagence, Col Webb, Ian Winter, Alan Costin. Back Row: BSM Ken Lee, Percussion - Richard Gray, Timps- Dave Robertson, Tubas - Roy Simpson, Dave Paterson, Richard Odendahl, Graham Cleary.
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